History of the Lyndoch Hotel

What name?

The hotel was originally called the “Farmers’ Rest Hotel” from 1869 – 1880 but later came to be known as the “Travellers’ Rest Hotel” until 1937 when it was named the “Lyndoch Hotel”.

A number of people have held the license of the Lyndoch Hotel since 1937, the longest serving of these was the Balogh family.  The current licensees are Grant and Debbie Schumacher.  Since its establishment as the Farmers’ Rest Hotel, this hotel has served the Lyndoch and Barossa community for 145 years.

Colourful History

No withstanding today’s characters and stories at the Lyndoch Hotel, there have been some interesting events including:

  • A visitor’s car catching fire and the hotel patrons putting the fire out with mud
  • Another fire that guttered the building but as it was insured for £1000 in 1914, it was rebuilt much as it is today.
  • Complaints of disgraceful language in 1921 from the billiard room, causing the moving of the table to the another hotel.

See pages 16 – 18 in the gallery for the summary of historical events for the Lyndoch Hotel.

A Brief History of the Hotels of Lyndoch 1847 – 1937” by Anne Hausler, 1991,  is kindly authorised by The Lyndoch & District Historical Society.

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Early 1900s
Fred Klose's Truck and Lyndoch Footballers

Pre 1937 (Before the name change)
Parked for refreshments at the 'local'
Town Square, 1950s
View up Lyndoch Valley Road
View coming in from Tanunda Road
Williamstown Road 1950s